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  1. The purpose of this website (http://southwalesgiftshow.co.uk or http://southwalesgiftshow.com) is to provide you with information about the South Wales Gift Show, which is held twice a year at Margam Park in South Wales.

  2. The owner of the website is Cymru Marketing, 81, Bryn Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea. SA5 4RB (E-mail Cymru Marketing )

  3. The basic information about exhibitors is extracted from the “South Wales Gift Show, Catalogue of Exhibitors”, which is published annually by Cymru Marketing, 81, Bryn Road, Waunarlwydd, Swansea. SA5 4RB. The exhibitors themselves provide the information to Cymru Marketing.

  4. Additional information may be supplied directly to the website manager by individual exhibitors.

  5. Unless stated otherwise, South Wales Gift Show / Cymru Marketing own the copyright of all pictures, logos, illustrations, text and other intellectual property which appear on or form part of this website, unless such items have been supplied by the exhibitors, in which case the exhibitors own such copyright. In case of disputes, or for permission to use extracts, please contact me in the first instance.

  6. All information given in the website is believed to be true at the time of publication. We try to clearly separate facts from estimates or opinions. All opinions expressed are the responsibility of their respective authors and not of Cymru Marketing or of the Website. 

  7. While we attempt to keep the site up to date, facts may change between updates. Please contact the relevant Exhibitor or Cymru Marketing  for the most recent information.

  8.   Inclusion in the website of particular Exhibitors in no way serves as an endorsement of them or their products by Cymru Marketing or the Website.

  9.   We include links to exhibitors’ own web sites for your convenience, but cannot take responsibility for these (or other third party) websites.

  10.  We cannot take any responsibility caused to your person or your business by your use of information contained in this website.

  11.  We cannot take any responsibility caused to your person or your business by your  visit to, or equipment or facilities belonging to the Margam Park estate, which are outside our control.

  12. Apart from the standard script supplied for the statistics package, the website is based on simple html code, and should not adversely affect your computer. 

  13. We periodically check code  (usually HTML5 or CSS3) uploaded to the server, using the World Wide Web Commission validator, (which can be found at http://validator.w3.org/ ) to ensure that it complies with current standards. "Validated" pages are marked as such in the footer, with the most recent date of validation. You should be aware, however,  that sometimes updates to the text may happen between validations, and may not be compliant, though pages will be rechecked after major changes. Minor pages, such as "search results" may not be individually validated, but will be based on validated Blank Pages.

  14. We cannot take responsibility for any damage caused to your computer  by use of our website, but should you experience any problems, please let us know so that we can remove any suspect pages. Webmaster

  15. We do use popular Web Statistics packages (www.statcounter.com  and Google Webmaster Tools), to monitor the performance of the website. We do not keep any information (apart from statistical summaries) for more then a month.

  16. While we cannot take responsibility for problems that may arise from your use of the website, we would like to hear if you do experience problems, so that we can improve the site for you and for other users Webmaster.

  17. The website category search system is based on pre-searching by us of information in the show catalogues, and, where available, by a search of the top level menus of exhibitors' own websites. Not all exhibitors have websites. Obviously, this is not a comprehensive search, and is intended only as a quick guide. It has the advantage over free search systems, such as Google  in that it avoids adverts for companies which we do not know, and some of the paid for search systems which have reputations for slow speeds as they use codes held on additional servers. From time to time we will add categories based on keyword tracking by our web analytics system (see below) and request from exhibitors or retailers using the site. 



  1. In May 2012 the EU Cookies Directive comes into force in the UK. This is a somewhat complex piece of legislation as Statcounter explains in a document which you can see here. You can also see the official view of the Information Commissioner here. We will update this section (and the website) as the interpretation of the rules become clearer. It is our intention to stay within the law on Cookies, while continuing to offer you the best possible service. If you have any comments please contact me at Webmaster

  2. We believe that our policy on Cookies, and the information we provide you with, is as good as major national websites such as the UK Parliament or the  BBC. (Though our use of cookies is much less comprehensive then theirs.) 

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