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A very happy show
A very happy show!

SWGS in the Orangery
We are here to help you. fill your shop fill your shop

The cafein the Orangery
The cafe is usualy open throughout
shows held in the Orangery

This doorway links the cafe to the Orangery
The cafe door opens straight
onto the Gift Show

See what you might see while attending the show at Orangery or Mansion

Attending the Show

You can attend the show either as an Exhibitor or as a Buyer.

Facilities You can learn about the facilities in the Orangery, here

The Show is intended for those wishing to sell wholesale Giftware to Retailers, and others wishing to purchase Giftware. There are no set rules about minimum quantities and while many Exhibitors will sell small quantities, or even single items to new businesses. others do ask for orders to exceed a certain minimum quantity or value. etc

The Show is usually held in Margam Park Orangery, which is an excellent Exhibition Hall, with good access, lighting, catering and toilet facilities, and near the main entrance to the Park. Occasionally, when the Orangery is not available the show is held in the very Grand Mansion, which is not quite as suitable but well worth a visit, especially for fans of the Films and Television Programmes that are made there. Shows are equally successful and enjoyable in both.

You can find more information about attending the show by scrolling down the page or by clicking on

this link if you are thinking of becoming an Exhibitor
this link if you are thinking of attending a show as a Potential Buyer


Attending the Show as an Exhibitor

The show is where Agents, Artists, Craftspeople, Importers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers sell their products to Retailers (or other people) requiring quantities of giftware.

Various stand sizes are available from single tables to large stands capable of displaying thousands of items

Exhibitors are expected to bring their own display stands, and are responsible for moving them in and out of the hall themselves, and for the safety of themselves, fellow exhibitors property, the building, and people attending the show or working for the Margam Park authorities.

Exhibitors are also expected to move their own products.

Please ensure that you carry adequate insurance for the property that you will be bringing to the show, and also for protection of the public and your employees. Any electrical equipment that you bring should be appropriately tested, and labelled. Consideration should also be given to risk assessment and the provision of first aid equipment on your stand.

Booking is with Clive Williams of Cymru Marketing whose details can be found on the General Information page of this website.

Set up day is the day before the show opens to buyers, but exhibitors must clear their stands on the evening of the closing day unless they have made prior arrangements with the organiser.

Vans can be parked close to the main access doors during set up and take down, and entrances are wide and level enough for anything that can be transported in a transit van and on hand propelled sack trucks or barrows. Please move your vehicles away from the entrances as soon as you have finished unloading or loading, so that others can use the space.

During the show vehicles can be parked in the advanced parking areas near the exhibition halls


Attending the Show as an Potential Buyer

Definition of a "Buyer" The Exhibitors use the show to sell a very wide range of giftware. They choose to sell at a trade show because by selling goods in bulk, they don't have to make lots of individual sales, and that gives them more time to make, collect, or import the Giftware. This being the case, the target customer for them is a large retailer.

However retailers are not the only people who buy large quantities of Giftware, and all who are thinking of buying in bulk are welcome. Some Artists and Craftspeople, may also be prepared to sell small quantities or even one off works on commission. Even the larger companies are keen to encourage new businesses, and may accept smaller orders from new "start-ups".

These days museums, campsites, tourist attractions and even churches and charities have to do some retailing and all are welcome to the show.

Tickets We are sometimes asked whether tickets are available, and the answer is no. Entry to the show is by invitation from existing suppliers, or by contacting the show organiser. However, you can also see the organiser at the show on the day, but please remember that you will not be allowed in unless you have proof of the business that you are involved in.

Booking is with Clive Williams of Cymru Marketing whose details can be found on the General Information page of this website.

Attending The dates of the shows are advertised elsewhere on this website. Standard opening times are 9:30am to 5:00 pm, but we close 30 minutes earlier on the last day of the show.

At the entrance to the exhibition hall you will be asked to identify yourself and your business (or organisation). If you haven't already contacted the organisers or one of the exhibitors, you will need to show a business card, billhead etc. You will then be asked to sign yourself in.

You are then welcome to spend the rest of the day admiring the huge range of goods on display, and hopefully making lots of huge orders...

We realise that people who are planning a new business, or a new fundraising venture may not have the conventional paperwork that would qualify them for entry to the show. If this is the case we would strongly urge you to contact the show organiser in advance of the show, so that he is aware of the stage of planning that you are at, and can advise on how you should identify your self when you come to the show. We do, of course, welcome all potential customers!

Please remember that the suppliers usually only bring stock for display, so although you will hopefully order Gifts at the show, you will have to wait for them to be delivered to you. The only exception is if you have made prior arrangements to collect an existing order when you visit the show. (This will be a very rare event, as most vehicles are packed to the roof with stands and goods for display.)


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