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The South Wales Gift Show is held at Margam Park

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You can book your stand now at Cymru Marketing Tel: 01792 536 028

Planned for Sunday January 26th to Tuesday January 28th 2020.
Cost of stands is £3.00 per sq ft. Basic unit 10ft by 10ft ___________________________________________________________________________

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South Wales Gift Show: The favourite buying event in South Wales for Gift Retailers, Museum, Campsite, and Tourist attraction gift shops, and for anyone considering bulk buying gifts.

To sign up for show updates, click here (We promise not to bombard you with hundreds of irrelevant offers. Just two mailings a year to remind you of the forthcoming show.)

The South Wales Gift Show is the local showcase for design-led and everyday gifts, with over 40 different product categories.

Not just a local show, though. Many of the local exhibitors join the others at shows all over the UK. But we all think that the South Wales Gift Show is a bit special!

Twice a year the show is opened at the very beautiful Margam Park to help you revitalize your shop and make it the dream destination for tourists and local gift buyers alike.

Twice as good - The South Wales Gift Show gives you two opportunities a year to be the first to stock unique products, keeping you well ahead of the competition.

The South Wales Gift Show: Helping you get set for more profitable Summer and Christmas Seasons.

Diversity - The variety of products on offer will inspire you and help you to select the very best stock for your shop.

Location - Discover the unique and historic Margam Park setting that makes attending the show a tradition for many of our visitors. Doing business in this unrivalled location helps make The South Wales Gift Show the retailer's favourite trade show.

Centrally placed in South Wales (SA13 2TJ), the Park is just off the M4 at junction 38 and is easily reached whether you come from St Davids or Chepstow. Don't forget to sign up for updates.

Please note: The South Wales Gift Show is a Trade Only show.

Exhibitor Profile

At a typical Spring Show (at the end of January) you will see, perhaps 50 exhibitors coming from all over Wales, the rest of the UK and Ireland. They will include Agents, Artists, Craftspeople, Gift Wholesalers, Importers, and Manufacturers. Many exhibitors have been attending the show for 15 years, but there are always newcomers, many of whom become regular attenders. Gifts on show are made both in South Wales and the rest of the world, with some importers specialising in goods from Asia and some from Africa and South America. So there are always new products and even completely new ideas. You never know what you will see next.

The Autumn show (at the end of September) is smaller, but great for topping up with stock for Christmas. A selection of the Spring exhibitors attend along with others who have winter or Christmas gifts to sell.

Products at either show typically include Aprons, Aromatherapy, Artistic prints, baby footware, beach goods, buttons, Cameras, Cards, Cats, Celtic designs, Collectibles, Cotton Bags, Crested Souvenirs, Decorative postage stamps, Fairtrade products, Felted soap, Figurines, Fine bone china, Finest hand cast Pewter, Fridge magnets, Hair Accessories, Hand cast beads, Highest quality slate products, Humorous signs, Impulse gifts, Jewellery, Key rings, Knitting looms, Laser engraved slate and wood gifts, Leather goods, Mirrored coasters, Ornaments, Pewter jewellery, Pottery food, Scarves, Soft Toys, Spiritual goods, Sports goods, Toys and models, Welsh confectionary and gift foods, Welsh Crafts, Welsh Lovespoons, Welsh national costumes and emblems, and a whole lot more!


List of Exhibitors
More information can be found about individual exhibitors linked from this page on the main website

A E Williams
AG Trading
AJ Powell
Blackdragon Craft
Brookwood Powis
Cards and Gifts of Wales
Ceramic Nightlights
Chestnut Designs
Clarence and Bean
Cymru Marketing
David Hinwood
Geoff Marlow
Glyn-Coch Studios
Gwynedd Confectioners
Heaven Sends
Hudson and Hopkins
Islandcraft Studios
Lark Rise
Lasers are Us Ltd
Little Bit Different
Little Spring
Love your Nation
Made to Melt
Manav UK Ltd
Netherwood Colectibles Ltd
On Track Wholesale
Pageant Wood Crafts
Pendragon Drinks
Pendragon Wales Ltd
Peter Roberts
Preseli Gifts and Souvenirs
PSL Helium and Party
RBW Concept Jewellery
Seamsress Services: Ron Johnson Designs
SJ Pratt Celtic and Wesh Jewellery
Something Different Wholesale
The Celtic Collection
The Milford Collection
The RBW Group
Thomas Publishing (John Upton Cards)
Vale Glass Design
Welsh Books Council
Wickedly Welsh Chocolate




You can attend the show either as an Exhibitor or as a Buyer.

The Show is intended for those wishing to sell wholesale Giftware to Retailers, and others wishing to purchase Giftware. There are no set rules about minimum quantities and many (though not all) Exhibitors will sell small quantities, or even single items to new businesses etc The Show is usually held in Margam Park Orangery, which is an excellent Exhibition Hall, with good access, lighting, catering and toilet facilities, and near the main entrance to the Park. Occasionally, when the Orangery is not available the show is held in the very Grand Mansion, which is not quite as suitable but well worth a visit, especially for fans of the Films and Television Programmes which are made there. Shows are equally successful and enjoyable in both. You can find more information about attending the show by scrolling down the page or by clicking on

this link if you are thinking of becoming an Exhibitor


this link if you are thinking of attending a show as a Potential Buyer

Attending the Show as an Exhibitor

The show is where Agents, Artists, Craftspeople, Importers, Manufacturers and Wholesalers sell their products to Retailers (or other people) requiring quantities of giftware. Various stand sizes are available from single tables to large stands capable of displaying thousands of items

Exhibitors are expected to bring their own display stands, and are responsible for moving them in and out of the hall themselves, and for the safety of themselves, fellow exhibitors property, the building, and people attending the show or working for the Margam Park authorities. Exhibitors are also expected to move their own products.

Please ensure that you carry adequate insurance for the property that you will be bringing to the show, and also for protection of the public and your employees. Any electrical equipment that you bring should be appropriately tested, and labelled. Consideration should also be given to risk assessment and the provision of first aid equipment on your stand. Booking is with Clive Williams of Cymru Marketing whose details can be found on the General Information page of this website.

Set up day is the day before the show opens to buyers, but exhibitors must clear their stands on the evening of the closing day unless they have made prior arrangements with the organiser. Vans can be parked close to the main access doors during set up and take down, and entrances are wide and level enough for anything that can be transported in a transit van and on hand propelled sack trucks or barrows. Please move your vehicles away from the entrances as soon as you have finished unloading or loading, so that others can use the space. During the show vehicles can be parked in the advanced parking areas near the exhibition halls

Attending the Show as an Potential Buyer

Definition of a "Buyer" The Exhibitors use the show to sell a very wide range of giftware. They choose to sell at a trade show because by selling goods in bulk, they don't have to make lots of individual sales, and that gives them more time to make, collect, or import the Giftware. This being the case, the target customer for them is a large retailer. However retailers are not the only people who buy large quantities of Giftware, and all who are thinking of buying in bulk are welcome. Some Artists and Craftspeople, may also be prepared to sell small quantities or even one off works on commission. Even the larger companies are keen to encourage new businesses, and may accept smaller orders from new "start-ups". These days museums, campsites, tourist attractions and even churches and charities have to do some retailing and all are welcome to the show. Tickets We are sometimes asked whether tickets are available, and the answer is no. Entry to the show is by invitation from existing suppliers, or by contacting the show organiser. However, you can also see the organiser at the show on the day, but please remember that you will not be allowed in unless you have proof of the business that you are involved in. Booking is with Clive Williams of Cymru Marketing whose details can be found on the General Information page of this website.

Attending The dates of the shows are advertised elsewhere on this website. Standard opening times are 9:30am to 5:30 pm, but we close 30 minutes earlier on the last day of the show. At the entrance to the exhibition hall you will be asked to identify yourself and your business (or organisation). If you haven't already contacted the organisers or one of the exhibitors, you will need to show a business card, billhead etc. You will then be asked to sign yourself in. You are then welcome to spend the rest of the day admiring the huge range of goods on display, and hopefully making lots of huge orders... We realise that people who are planning a new business, or a new fundraising venture may not have the conventional paperwork that would qualify them for entry to the show. If this is the case we would strongly urge you to contact the show organiser in advance of the show, so that he is aware of the stage of planning that you are at, and can advise on how you should identify your self when you come to the show. We do, of course, welcome all potential customers! Please remember that the suppliers usually only bring stock for display, so although you will hopefully order Gifts at the show, you will have to wait for them to be delivered to you. The only exception is if you have made prior arrangements to collect an existing order when you visit the show. (This will be a very rare event, as most vehicles are packed to the roof with stands and goods for display.)



Work on Website 20th January 2018

10 New exhibitors for January 28th to 30th 2018 Spring show

Chestnut Design: Leather Jewellery
Clarence and Bean: Confectionary
Little Bit Different: Scented candles in vintage china or glass
Little Spring: General giftware
Love Your Nation: Giftware inspired by local landmarks
Made to Melt: Luxury scented wax candles and melts
Pendragon Drinks: Inependent producer of non-alcoholic drinks especially drinking chocolate
PSL Helium and Party: Goto supplier of evrything to do with parties and celebrations
Vale Glass Design: Glass jewellery
Welsh Books Council: Supplier of books published in Wales and advice on pubishing

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Show News 17th January 2018
The 20th South Wales Gift Show, Spring Show, will take place in the Orangery at Margam Park, on Sunday the 28th January and on the Monday and Tuesday
January 2018, the 20th South Wales Gift Show is set to be one of the biggest shows in recent years, with 10 new exhibitors
Welcome to Chestnut Designs, Clarence and Bean, Little Bit Different, Made to Melt, Pendragon Drinks, Welsh Books Council, Love Your Nation, Little Spring, Vale Glass Designs, and PSL Helium and Party

Work on Website 17th January 2018
Added pages for 10 new exhibitors
Edited lists of exhibitors on "Home" and "Cookie free" pages to match new catalogue
Updated downloadable catalogues and maps
Interactive map on gallery page with links from main navigation panel on main pages
46 Facebook comments advertising exhibitors who may be at the show
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Cleared out old redundant pages to make room for new pages. The whole site should work better

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New interactive map on gallery page
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NEW EXHIBITORS Spring show 2017
Ceramic Nightlights Large range of bone china decoraed in Wales together with Old Tupton Ware
Busy Bee Candles Innovative scented candles
Manav UK Ltd Welsh clothing and accessories
Mark Kostiak Jewellery Solid silver jewellery, hand-made in Wales, with Semi precious stones, for Men Women and Children
Mabli-Jack Quality hand-made textile items made in Wales from British materials.
Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Award winning Welsh artisan chocolate.Great flavours from Wales

NEW EXHIBITORS Spring show 2016
Baastools: makers and suppliers of stools, chairs, soft furnishings and clothing accessories showing the best of traditional British sheepskin and wool
Easypack: suppliers of fully recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials and machines
Elliott James Frieze: Luxury Candles which burn all day filling your house with the exotic scents of N India
Espresso Essentials: suppliers of a range of portable coffee machines capable of 1 - 200 cups an hour with up to 11 flavours
Netherwood Collectables: importers and wholesalers of a range of home designed models and souvenirs
Seamstress Services Ron Johnson Designs: Suppliers of beautiful screen printed traditional tea towels, which you can use or frame

Spring show 2016 Sunday January 31 to Tuesday 2nd Februrary 2016

A E Williams Introduce beautiful pewter drinking horns and traditional pocket watches with exquisite Celtic decoration. Noted 5/2/14

Greaves Welsh Slate suggest that you enhance that Special Meal with refined Welsh Tableware and Wine Racks made of 500 million year old Llechwedd slate crafted by a company with a 150 years tradition. Noted 5/2/14

Black Dragon Crafts say, "try our new Am Byth Forever Friends bracelets made of solid pewter beads with Celtic knots and genuine gemstones, strung on coloured waxed cord and displayed on a lovely postcard. Tie one on your mate, be friends for ever. Twelve stones to choose from. Noted 5/2/14

Polka Dot is a new and exciting wholesaler of hair accessories. A range of pretty, fun gem and felt barrettes, bobbles, slides. Headbands and brooches featuring fairyland flowers and butterflies, animals and kids. Designed for little girls and women who are young at heart. Noted 5/2/14

Enjoy a safe journey with an Angel Keyring from Jon Paul Gifts Noted 5/2/14

Something Different Wholesale are offering discount on your first on line order. Noted 5/2/14

Universal Mail now produce sets of beautiful "UK greatest landmarks" postage stamps suitable for use on international postcards. Noted 5/2/14

Cadwyn are featuring Valentine's day Lovespoons Noted 5/2/14

You have never seen buttons until you have seen them in the Candy Kisses Bracelet from Flourish Buttons Noted 5/2/14

It's Wales, but not (quite) as we know it. Distinctive bold colourful art, prints tableware and commissions from Gayle Rogers Art Noted 5/2/14

Sleepy owls, psychadelic beach-huts, and daft sheep are added to the more formal designs of fine bone china from Glyn-Coch Studios Noted 5/2/14

Chocolate pizzas, Lego and musical instruments feature at Gwynedd Confectioners Noted 5/2/14

For Valentines day Lasers Are Us Ltd are featuring Teddy Lovespoons and Dragon, heart, bells and daffodils Lovespoons Noted 5/2/14

"A soap in a sweater," that lasts almost for ever. Felted soap from Liquorice Noted 5/2/14

"Reality" Food is featured by Merryfield Pottery whose "Purrfect" cats travel around the world. Noted 5/2/14

On Track Wholesale are offering trade customers 10% discount when they collect purchases themselves. Noted 5/2/14

Pendragon Wales is getting geared up for St David's Day with inflatable Daffodils, Leeks, and Dragons; and Rugby Shirts for all the family. Noted 5/2/14


General Information


By road From the South-East and South-West: the M4 motorway runs directly to Margam from London and from Heathrow (the M25/M24 from Gatwick Airport); the M5/M4 from the West Country; and the M6/M5/M50/M4 from the Midlands and the North; the M4 from West Wales. Exit the M4 Junction 38

For directions by Bus, Coach, Train or Air see the Margam Park Travel Information Page

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Access to the park and the buildings we use for the show is quite good, with parking close to the halls. (You may need to show the staff at the entrance gate your blue badge.) The outside paths that are essential for use of the show venues are wide smooth and well maintained, with a surface similar to tarmac. (Some of the garden and forest paths have a rolled hardcore surface which is affected by tree roots etc. Much of the park is level but there is a long steep slope between the Orangery and the Mansion, though this need not be a problem when visiting the show, at either venue.

If you wish to be more adventurous the Park authorities offer an Electric buggy hire scheme.

The Orangery has level entrances a flat floor and wide doorways.

The floor is made of large, well maintained stone tiles (with a smooth surface which some may find slippery) and well maintained carpets. Carpet edges have well maintained nosings, and should not normally present a hazard. With large windows the building is quite well supplied with natural light. Half of the exhibition space has excellent artificial light, while half is not quite as good. Exhibitors are able to provide additional light for their stands. The main toilets are easily accessible from the exhibition hall and quite spacious. There is also a disabled / baby changing toilet, The Cafe is in the main hall, and should not pose a problem for anyone using the stands.

The Exhibition is laid out on both sides of a long straight passage, with stands facing each other. There are no side passages except for the very biggest stands. All passages are wide enough for standard wheelchairs. Accessibility to individual stands is the responsibility of the exhibitor, who should be there to help you. If not, ask someone on a neighbouring stand. Most exhibitors would be delighted to offer whatever help they can.

Mansion The entrance is level, with a stone floor similar to the Orangery and the doors are wide.

The building is used as a film set and conditions inside are dependent on the staging in use. However generally accessibility is adequate for most people. All rooms are on the same floor but there are changes in levels. Good ramps are usually provided. The exhibition is laid out in 4 rooms some of which have wooden floors. The rooms are connected so that you can go on a circular tour of the exhibition without having to do very much double tracking. Passages are if anything wider then in the Orangery. Lighting is very different in the different rooms, but Exhibitors are able to provide additional light where needed. Good toilets are inside the back of the building, with indoor access, though you may need a guide to find them. Catering in the exhibition is minimal, though the old Margam Park Visitor Centre restaurant is in an adjacent courtyard, and may be open during the show.

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Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Home Page‎

Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council‎

Aberdulais Tourist Information Centre.

Aberdulais Falls, Aberdulais, Neath, SA10 8EU

Telephone: +44(01639) 636674


Neath Port Talbot Hotels - TripAdvisor › ... › Wales › Southern Wales › Neath Port Talbot‎

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South Wales Gift Show

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Cymru Marketing. 81 Bryn Road, Waunarllwydd, Swansea. SA5 4RB

Tel. 07867 762739

For all Website queries contact Huw Jones at Webmaster

Contact the Margam Park Authorities, (e.g lost property after the show) at

Margam Country Park, Margam, Neath Port Talbot, SA13 2TJ

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